Friday, 14 October 2016

Mozilla Connected Devices Vizag

Hello Folks,

I am back with a new post. This is all about the event that we did on Connected Devices. This event is basically to create  awareness about Mozilla Mission, Firefox  Browser and mostly on connected devices among the students so that they can start contributing in Mozilla's various projects. Our major focus will be on working on many connected devices ideas and implement them in short time period. 

Finally the event day is out. We entered the venue and we are shocked to see more than 600+ participants in the hall and they are very excited about the event. We got many students across many colleges around the vizag. 

I kick started the event introducing the Open source community Mozilla and its mission. I introduced about the campus clubs and the platforms they can contribute to. After that I explained about various projects in Mozilla and provided a clear picture about how they can work on. 

After that Charan introduced about the various security vulnerabilities and also about the web privacy. The students are very excited about this session and they got their doubts cleared with him. 

After that Harsha Bandaru took a session on Connected Devices. He introduced about what exactly are the connected devices, Internet of Things and its surroundings and about the various projects in Mozilla. After that he explained about various development boards like raspberry pi, Arduino and ESP - 8266. After that he also introduced about Foxberry pi i.e, Raspberry pi with firefox os. The students has seen practically on how this whole boards work. 

In the meanwhile we spotted some scumptious food and we took a break for an hour. After post lunch we kept a  Q/A session where we want to know that the students are with us. Rep Harsha quickly done this and we got many innovative ideas and doubts from the students. 

After that Kalyan took a session on Addons and showed them practically how exactly they work. He also covered various topics in web security and students were so glad that they learned many things in a day. After that Kalyan concluded the whole session.

Finally we distributed the swag for all the good ideas and the questions that we got from students. We are very happy to see the success of the event and stay tuned with us for more updates :)

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