Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Web Literacy at Visakhapatnam

I always have an aim of teaching internet to the school children.During my travel to many places across India I have seen many underprivileged kids who are more exicted about technology.I was planning for doing an event in my local community Visakhapatnam but i can't find the right platform to do it.It was like a dream for many days.In the meanwhile I met Harsha in Collab where he was with the same intention of doing something to the kids.Yeah...!! We both interacted and decided to do this event in more than 10 schools.

Getting the idea is the basic thing but it is very hard to implement.It is all about team building.Itz hardly four days more to the event and I dont know what to do.Luckily I met a right person jagadeesh where I managed to get around 60 people from the city.I got everything in my hand and the next task is to train them.I started talking about what exactly the Mozilla is and steps of increasing the Web Literacy.

Mozilla reps Akshay Tiwari and Harsha Vardhan came from Hyderbad and guided the team with their experience.They interacted with the team and talked about how to contribute to Mozilla,what exactly the Mozilla community is doing and some steps to do this kidzilla event.After that we divided the students into many teams and gave the location of the school where the event should happen.Swag was distributed at the end of the meeting.

The most awaited day 22nd june is infront of us.The children were so exicted about the event to start.We started teaching them about the basic Internet and moved on to Mozilla web browser,what exactly the open web is and some tips for searching in google.We talked about various buttons,tools,different social networking sites,wikipedia and other related stuff.

Simuntaneously we gave the laptops to the kids and made some hands-on sessions.The children were so exicted that they researched on many fields that are available on the internet.They came to know about various advantages of different social networking sites and how to use them.

Event was conducted in 12 schools at a time.The outreach was more than 1800+ students who got to know about the things that are happening in the outside world.Glad that my dream came true only because of harsha.The team was fantastic as they supported me in each and every aspect and the response that I got was immense.Looking forward to do these type of events and I am proud to be a Mozillian as I am protecting the world's largest open web source.Stay with us to learn more :-)