Thursday, 3 March 2016


Hello Folks,

Exicted!!!Hell yeah!!! I am back with a new post. Its a great thing to know that Mozilla is working on many projects based on Connected Devices. This time we want to do something new and we decided to conduct a session on Mozilla Connected Devices and explain what exactly are the participation pathways.

Finally the most awaited day is infront of us. M exicted to see the Mozilla Rep Sumanth  and Sudarshan coming all over the way from Hyderabad. Quickly sumanth started a session on FOSS.


After that Sumanth moved on showing the live examples of FOSS and explained about the different Participation Pathways of involving into Mozilla. The students were really excited about the different oppurtunities. 


After that we moved on discussing about the Connected Devices and various projects that have undertaken by Mozilla. Sumanth explained about what exactly is a connected device and introduced about the Open Hardware Rasberry Pi which serves as a main tool for students in making their projects. 


After that Sumanth discussed about the Privacy of the internet. He explained about the few problems and he tried to bring out the solutions to that problems. All students came to know about various issues on the internet and they reliased that privacy matters a lot. After that we had an interactive session with all the students where they came with different ideas about the projects that they gonna do on connected devices and about different queries.


After that Sumanth concluded the session. We got nearly 280+ participants attended to the event and all of them became FSA's and started their contributions in various fields. I am so excited to see many innovative ideas given by the students and glad to see the success of the event. 

Stay tuned with us :)


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  1. You are doing a fabulous job , hope you would take Mozilla to every corner of the vizag !! Wish you all the success !!