Thursday, 4 June 2015

Interviewing Users for Mozilla-Secondary Research-Week 2 and 3

Hello folks,
                  I am back with a new post.This is all about my research on Interviewing users for Mozilla week 2 and 3.My research started with a famous quote "Free your mind...and your ass will follow".


While doing my research I came to experience the world view at the door and at the beginning of the project,get what's in everyone's heads out on the table whether it's real time,face-to-face or in front of a whiteboard.By saying our issues aloud and writing it down,they leave the group specifically and enter an external,neutral space.

It is better to capture everything that everyone thinks they know so that it's not stuck in their heads.It's not about being right or wrong,it's all about expressing ourselves.I came to know that we have to go where the people are.Rather than asking people to come to us to be interviewed,go where they are.In order to embrace their world ,we should be in their world.

I analysed that,always ask the questions to the other person if we know the answer and building Rapport is very important thing that one should know before interviewing anyone and be selective when we are talking about ourselves.The next important thing is beware of our body language because it describes everything about us.

Now my research came to a stage to interview someone.Establishing our objectives is main goal before interviewing.Clarifying the objectives-what you hope is get out of the research-is an extremely challenging aspect of many engagements.Here the right incentive amount depends on where you are doing research and what you are asking of the participant.We should be more creative about incentives.

After that I researched about key stages of an interview.I have seen a model named Ross,which describes 5 stages:denial,anger,bargain,depression and acceptance.This describes a conistent set of elements in a very human experience.He pointed out that people dont necessarily experience all those stages or experience them in that order.

I came to know that people will respond to the short answers at first and will eventually reach a point where they are telling stories.You cant predict how long it will take to reach that point ,but that is the goal.After that I came across how to ask question in different fields.

This is the end of my research for week 2 and 3.Its really fun,interesting and challenging than week 1.I learned about different stuff which includes building rapport,listening,establishing an objectives before doing an interview,creating the field guide,roles for the field team and atlast how to ask questions.Inaddition to that I have done some pratical things,like interviewed many people in the local community where I live in.Stay tuned for more updates 

A passionate mozillian:)

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