Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hello people,

                     Here i am with a new post..Everyday i want to explore something new and i was passionated more about technology.Finally i found an event Mozilla Boot Camp and i am eagerly waiting for the event day..

The most awaited day is infront of me and i met many enthusiasts who are crazy about technology.

We explained the mission of mozilla and the web maker tools to all participants..

In the mean while i got some new stuff from my team mates..I came to know the different fields of contribution to mozilla other than web maker tools..I got a good platform to work with the bugs and many fields..

Mozilla Hyderabad is always awsome and i am glad to see its success

                           I am back with another event Moz Coffee which was held recently in collab house hyderabad.The event started by explaining mozilla's mission.
People came to know about the different fields in which they can contribute and they started working after the discussion
I worked in building the addon's with my fellow team mates..After this event I only believed in one thing.


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